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Cloudbreak, Mamanuca Islands

Frequently gracing the list of the world’s best and most challenging waves for surfers, Cloudbreak lies on a sheltered reef about two kilometers from Tavarua Island Resort, near Namotu Island Resort, in the Mamanuca Islands. This internationally renowned left reef break speeds up as it barrels over a shallow reef, dumping a massive volume of water, and it’s surfable during all tides. Depending on conditions, waves vary in height from two to 20-feet, and access is usually via a jet-ski and tow board. Not surprisingly, the wave is best attempted by expert surfers only. In 2016, Hawaiian surfer Aaron Gold almost drowned riding this break. The best swell comes from the south/southwest, thanks to the eastern trade winds, which typically blow between March and October. Tavarua and nearby islands offer access to eight main surf breaks, including Swimming Pools, Tavarua Rights, and Namotu Left. Besides Tavarua and Namotu, other resorts that offer access to Cloudbreak include Funky Fish Beach Resort, Plantation Island Resort, and Lomani Island Resort.

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