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About Wander ladies

What is Wander ladies?

We are a Team of dedicated Ladies, that what to connect women globally through the love of travel.

Do you ever look at the world around you and feel like you need to see more, feel more, and experience the wonders of the world?

With Wander Ladies you get to travel into the enchanting depths of the world with ladies that may start off as strangers and become life long friends.

Through our mother company Jordan Road. We offer a variety of trips to suit all types of ladies. All of our getaways have the goal of bringing together a group of likeminded female travelers to create the trip of a lifetime.

Wonder Ladies offer retreats and trips filled with, cultural experiences, moments of fun, festivity, and relaxation in every Lady’s getaways.

Join Us & Discover…

Do you want to become a Wander Lady?

When you travel with Wander Ladies, You give yourself a gift. So say yes to new adventures, and let Wander Ladies take you on a luxurious tour of unforgettable experience.

We Believe, travellers are dreamers and Wander Ladies tours make your dreams a reality. We don’t call it a dream we call it a plan, our project is to make the incredible something happen to you.

About Wander ladies

Our Wander Ladies team, Not only offer experience and knowledge of every location. We aim to guide you, we provide safety and pleasure throughout every trip.

Making Every Memory last a lifetime.

Trust Us!

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

We offer tours tailored to the special needs and interests of women. Because women don’t travel like men; our trips are designed for the Wanderer… Trips for those beginners, who want to try something completely new, and trips for experienced travelers who prefer to leave all the planning and organising to us.

About Wander ladies

Make Friends & Memories

Once you travel with Wander Ladies you are connecting with a group of a ladies that enjoy the little things!

Things that make travel a more unforgettable experience. Like walking through local markets, relaxing and pampering yourself, and trying warm and ethnic cooking classes, we focus on the atmosphere and entertainment for every lady in our group.


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