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Nestled between the lunar landscapes of the Hajar Mountains and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean is the emirate of Fujairah. This east coast resort offers sandy white beaches, a rich marine environment and crystal clear waters making it the perfect spot for diving and snorkelling. Avid divers should head to Snoopy Island off Al Aqah beach, home to green sea turtles and black-tip reef sharks. Picturesque fishing villages, ancient forts and museums, pottery stalls and the UAE’s smallest mosque add to Fujairah’s charm.

The smallest of the seven emirates, Ajman is also about an hour’s drive north of Dubai and lies on the west coast along a natural creek. Its small size and sense of history gives the area a charm all of its own. The golden sandy beaches contrast with the majestic Hajar Mountains and it boasts the world’s largest dhow building yard.

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