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Famous for its classic savanna safaris, Kenya is a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts. Deserts and alpine snows; forests and open plains; the metropolis of Nairobi and colorful tribal cultures; freshwater lakes and coral reefs. For many people, Kenya is East Africa in microcosm.

Kenya is an ancient land rich in cultural diversity. Rapid growth has led to a predominance of young people representing many different ethnic and tribe groups. Despite political and economical obstacles, the population has a strong sense of optimism and national pride. Most people speak at least one of the nation’s two official languages, English and Swahili. A trip to Kenya offers visitors the chance to explore the ancient culture and heritage of a land that many refer to as the “Cradle of Mankind.”

Wildlife is abundant everywhere, from the country’s coral reef shores and dense tropical forests to the wide expanses of Kenya’s grassy savannahs and highest mountain peaks. Even the capital of Nairobi has a national park filled with game animals within its boundaries. It’s no wonder that safari tourism is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy. Despite a poorly developed infrastructure, Kenya remains one of the best places in the world to embark upon an unforgettable safari.

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