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Orchard Road

Orchard Road is truly world famous as a shopping destination of note. The collection of cutting-edge shopping malls, flagship designer boutiques and plentiful restaurants and entertainment options mark Orchard Road out as one of Singapore’s most in-demand neightbourhoods. Not only is Orchard the island’s most-visited shopping destination but also leisure amenities and fine-dining options, beauty salons, cafes – in short, just about everything you’ll need during a stay in Singapore. So you’ll need some time to explore this expansive and attractive high street.  Not only are the choices expansive – so is the area and you’ll have sore feet if you try to see too much in a hurry. So relax and pace yourself while you enjoy Orchard Road – we left no stone unturned to create this complete guide to the whole area. The Christmas decorations along Orchard are famous and entirely over the top, with reindeers cavorting through palm trees and gingerbread houses topped with fake snow.

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