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For a tiny country, Slovenia sure packs a punch! From its lively capital, Ljubljana, you can reach almost anywhere else in the country in less than two hours, including the dramatic Julian Alps, fairytale Lake Bled, vast underground caves, hilltop castles and even a small but beautiful coastline. The Slovenian cuisine is divine, combining features from its neighbors Italy and Hungary with its own unique twist. We loved strolling along the Ljubljana riverfront and through the friendly farmers market. But dreamy Lake Bled was our favorite place – after an easy hike in nearby beautiful Vintgar Gorge, we relaxed on the grassy banks with Slovenians and other travelers, swam and watched the iconic boats paddling visitors to the island with its pretty church in the middle of the lake. Don’t forget dessert – the cream cake is delicious. Slovenia is a great value as a destination and is very family-friendly!

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